• “I cannot thank you enough for such an amazing day in Rocky Mountain National Park. The education, support, and care you provided for us was truly first rate.”

    from Florida
  • “We had a fabulous road bike tour around Boulder. It was such a great tour and was perfect for us! Please tell Justin how great of job he did! He was just wonderful, patient, thoughtful, safe, and super accommodating.”

    from Nebraska
  • “We had a lot of snow, wow! Joshua we thank our lucky stars we were will you, you had extra gear that kept us warm and the hot cidar was over the top. The wind was biting, but the scenery, solitude and wildlife was breathtaking. Your guidance, support and education was the best service we have ever had. Thank you again for all the time on the phone and e-mails before our trip, we really felt knowledgable about what we were getting into. We can not wait to see you next year.”

    from Georgia
  • “The hiking times and desriptions could not be any more perfect! Wow, what a day! Now I can imagine how hardy the first people that traveled through these mountains were. You gave me an experience I could never have found in a blog, website, or guidebook. I am so excited to incoporate the history of the West into my curriculum for my students.”

    from New York
  • “We had a tour that rivaled the best tours we have been on around the world. The scenery, history, and education was truely splendid.”

    from India
  • “What a rocking 2 days of biking and hiking, the coolest and most challenging stuff I have ever done. The routes and guiding was the best!”

    Lawrence from California

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Our Favorite Colorado Scrambling Traverses

Our Favorite Colorado Scrambling Traverses The wildest of adventures in Colorado are also the longest and most complex days. Colorado’s peaks, while spectacular in their own right, are interconnected with magnificent ridges and traverses that add an additional challenge, sense of excitement, and longer days in gorgeous high alpine terrain. From the Grand Traverse across […]

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What To Look For In Choosing a Guide Service

A guide service is more than an organization that leads trips and adventures. Because guide companies rely so much on the environment that they operate in, they are stewards of their land and a representative of the various land managers. As well as being organizers and leaders, guide services help to communicate ideas about management […]

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Best Mountain Bike Rides In the Front Range for Expert Mountain Bikers

Best Mountain Bike Rides In the Front Range for Intermediate and Expert Mountain Bikers Colorado’s mountain biking country is legendary, featuring some of the most technical terrain in the West, the fastest rides, and generations of great riders. Bikers come from across the world to experience Colorado’s world-class trails. While the Front Range is well […]

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Best Half Day Guided Rock Climbing In the Front Range

The Best Half Day Guided Rock Climbing In the Front Range – Boulder and Denver Climbing Instruction and Guiding  Boulder Colorado is one of the world meccas of rock climbing. Home to generations of legendary rock climbers, mountaineers, and alpinists, Boulder’s been long one of the world centers where climbers come to test their skills […]

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