group during a team building event

How Team Building Can Facilitate Your Company’s Merger

For any company, a merger can be an exciting but stressful time. It’s the point where two office cultures and two teams foreign to each other, previously rivals, must now work together. The group needs to learn to trust each other, communicate, and realize that they are now working towards […]

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fish below the top of water

Italy’s Top Five Best Fly Fishing Rivers

Between picturesque Tuscan hills, shady groves, and emerald streams, Italy is fast becoming one of Europe’s top fly-fishing destinations. Italy has recently loosened its regulations and many are starting to discover the hidden streams teeming with bass and pike. Italian law for most areas allows fishing one hour before sunrise […]

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Training for Kilimanjaro

Training For Kilimanjaro

At over 19,000-feet, Mt. Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest summit. The trek to the Roof of Africa is a strenuous and committing trek that requires proper preparation for maximum success. To ensure the best chances of success on the mountain, it’s essential to have a proper training plan and start getting […]

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kid sliding down a slip n slide

Why Choose Colorado Slip And Slide?

It’s the most talked about event of the Hard As Nails Obstacle Mud Race: A 22-degree water slide of over 400-feet careening down the side of a hill at the Westin Westminster. For the last two years, it’s been so popular that this year, we’ve decided to give the slide […]

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teenage boy on a Slip and Slide

Colorado Slip and Slide versus Slide The City

It’s the middle of summer; the sun is beating down, and getting completely soaked sounds like a very good idea. So how does a massive slip and slide sound? The idea of taking a tube and go careening down a slicked slope to come to a satisfying splash at the […]

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