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Anatomy of an Upslope Snowstorm

Anyone who has experienced winter on the northern Front Range knows that when the smell of cow manure suddenly permeates the air seemingly out of nowhere, heavy snow will start falling within the next 12 hours. As a widely accepted and honestly hilarious forecasting tool, this phenomenon is actually the […]

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DIA Lightning Storm

Wilderness Skills: Reading Weather

Anyone who recreates outdoors in Colorado knows how important monitoring the weather can be. Since weather here can change on a dime, it’s important to understand what indicates it’s time to get off the mountain. Unstable vs Stable In order to determine what the atmosphere is capable of for the […]

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Wilderness Skills: Wildlife Encounters

As much as we like to think of the mountains as “our backyard”, they are first and foremost a wilderness, and home to a few species that pose risk to humans. Although having an aggressive wildlife encounter is very unlikely, it’s good to know what to do just in case. […]

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woman practicing water rescue holding a line attached to a man on a stand up paddle board

Wilderness Skills: Knots

At Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides, you won’t find guides who just specialize in one activity. We have guides who are so passionate about the outdoors that we take up all kinds of hobbies! Your mountain biking guide probably rock climbs on the weekends, or your hiking guide can tell […]

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Digital Detox

Digital detox!! I bet you’ve heard the term, but is there any merit to it? Is it just another trendy thing to say, or is there real value there? Let’s dig into what exactly a digital detox is and how you can benefit from one. A digital detox is when […]

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