Backcountry Skiing

close up of a cross country ski boot on a groomed trail

What’s the Difference Between Ski Touring & Cross-Country Skiing?

At its core, skiing involves sliding over snow-covered terrain, from there a number of nuances separate different disciplines into completely unique experiences. Ski touring, also known as backcountry or ski mountaineering, involves both ascent and descent over varied terrain traversing remote wilderness areas seeking exploration, adventure, and ungroomed off-trail challenges. […]

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an avalanche coming down the side of a mountain in a cloud of snow

What is an Avalanche?

Put simply, avalanches are a whole lotta snow and debris falling downhill under gravity with great kinetic power and can vary wildly in size, speed and terrain. Rocks, trees, chunks of earth and even animals and man made structures can all be carried under the unrelenting force and power of […]

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two women ski touring in alpine landscape with snowy trees

What is Ski Touring and Splitboarding?

One of the best ways to see the wilderness during snow season is by skis or splitboard. Skip the resort lifts and head for the untouched snow of the backcountry using specialized gear designed with flexible bindings so you can easily switch between climbing, touring and downhill modes. Don’t have […]

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brown puppy in the snow learning to be an avalanche rescue dog

Avalanche Rescue Dogs

At Colorado ski resorts, a dog riding a chair lift is not a surprise. In fact, dogs throughout the western United States and world are becoming members of ski patrol and avalanche rescue teams at astounding rates. With an extraordinary sense of smell and high aptitude, these woofers are sometimes […]

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person in an orange jacket skiing on a narrow trail on the side of a mountain

Ski Touring

What does the perfect ski tour look like to you? Chasing corn in 50-degree couloirs in the springtime? Sweet sweet deep winter powder shots in alpine bowls? 3 days of hut-to-hut trips hanging with the crew? The word “Perfection” is subjective but we are all chasing that ideal ski tour. […]

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view from a snow covered wrap around deck on a hut in the mountains

Best Winter Hut Traverses in Colorado

The dynamic backcountry of Colorado is filled with breathtaking views, a wide range of options for all abilities, and a plethora of ski huts to choose from. Whether you’re new to the backcountry or a hardcore ski mountaineer chasing couloirs, Colorado has the hut traverses for you! Hut Trips for […]

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old black and white picture of three men jumping high on skis

A Brief History of Skiing

Skiing has a vast and rich history. While its exact origins are unknown, evidence suggests that skis were first used in the last ice age (115,000 – 11,700 years ago). Furthermore, the first people proposed to have skied are the Sami, the indigenous people of Scandinavia, and the first known […]

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backcountry skier headed for snowy trees

Anatomy of an Upslope Snowstorm

Anyone who has experienced winter on the northern Front Range knows that when the smell of cow manure suddenly permeates the air seemingly out of nowhere, heavy snow will start falling within the next 12 hours. As a widely accepted and honestly hilarious forecasting tool, this phenomenon is actually the […]

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