group being silly with a block of cut out packed snow

Making the Outdoors a More Inclusive Place

In the spring of 2016, I was a freshly-minted college graduate of Northern Michigan University. This lesser-known school sits on the shores of Lake Superior, surrounded by wilderness in every direction. I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, having to graduate and “grow up,” so I put it off […]

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black and white mountain range with dramatic clouds


In 2017, on a sunny, September day in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, I found myself sitting cross-legged in a circle of my peers and professors. As a brand new Transpersonal Counseling/Wilderness Therapy student at Naropa University, I was getting my first look into Buddhist-based practices. We […]

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two people backcountry skiing

Top Winter Navigation Tips

Top Winter Navigation Tips Backcountry navigation can be tricky at the best of times. Heavy snowfall and winter weather conditions can make it even harder to find your way in familiar or unknown terrain as snow can often cover trail signs and markers. To help you be prepared and safely […]

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women walking on a forest trail

Five Great Outdoor Apps

Five Great Outdoor Apps Technology has come a long way in making the outdoors safer, more accessible, and easier to navigate and mitigate hazards. Our phones, beyond communication, are some of the most powerful tools that we have in our arsenal, and while it will never replace the traditional map […]

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Colorado Avalanche Rescue Training Course

2019 – 2020 CWRAG Avalanche Education Dates Announced

2019 – 2020 Avalanche Awareness and Education (Denver, Boulder, Golden, Estes Park) AIARE Level 1 Course / AIARE Level 2 Course / AIARE Avalanche (Companion) Rescue Course / Avalanche Awareness For any outdoor enthusiast, traveling safely in a winter environment is paramount. These accredited American Institute for Avalanche Research and […]

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Male Bull Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park

Understanding Elk Behavior during Rutting Season

Understanding Elk Bugling and Rutting Season One of the most iconic and majestic sights and sounds in Colorado is the season when the male elk in Rocky Mountain National Park and beyond stake their claim for female companionship, in a delicate dance of physical dominance and audible strength. Elk rutting […]

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branded white vans with high stacked raft trailers

What To Look For In Choosing a Guide Service

A guide service is more than an organization that leads trips and adventures. Because guide companies rely so much on the environment that they operate in, they are stewards of their land and a representative of the various land managers. As well as being organizers and leaders, guide services help […]

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Arapahoe Glacier Climb

Colorado Glaciers and Snowfields of the Front Range

Colorado Glaciers and Snowfields of the Front Range While Colorado isn’t as blessed as the Pacific Northwest to have magnificent year-round glaciers, Colorado still has it’s own set of permanent snowfields and mini glaciers across the state. In all, Colorado has 14 named glaciers and approximately 135 snowfields. What makes […]

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Daylight Savings Backcountry Snow Pits & Stability Tests

Daylight Savings Backcountry Snow Pits & Stability Tests

Rocky Mountain National Park backcountry Snow Pit, Stability Tests and Avalanche Obs 20190308 CWRAG. AIARE Level 2 course taught by AIARE Course Lead and Senior Ski Guide Joshua Baruch.   Southern Rocky Mountain National Park backcountry Area Snow Pit, Stability Tests and Avalanche Obs 20190306 CWRAG

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group cross country skiing on a hut trip

Must Know Information for Traveling in Avalanche Terrain

Must Know information for Traveling in Avalanche Terrain – How to Managing your Avalanche Risk Remember the #1 take-home is most accidents are related to decision making not technical skills. So make sure your group focuses your day around teamwork, collaboration, communication, and managing expectations. 1. Prepare For your trip. This […]

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