Rock Climbing

man in a red shirt bouldering on a tall rock in the desert

How is Bouldering Different From Rock Climbing?

From weekend warrior to professional competitor, bouldering and rock climbing offer unique indoor and outdoor challenges for climbers worldwide. While both disciplines involve climbing on rocks, each requires a unique skill set, mindset and overall strategy. Appreciating why bouldering deserves its own category requires exploring the fundamentals of rock climbing […]

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man high above a group on top of a rock ledge teaching folks how to rock climb

Top Rope Anchors

  Climbers, we have all been there: You top out on a climb (whether it’s a project or just a casual Sunday afternoon) and you reach the anchors and someone says “oh can you throw a TR anchor on that?” For some reason, as climbers, we want to top rope […]

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woman on a steep rock climb with a sunset mountain range in the background

Our Guide’s Favorite Trips

Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides has a multitude of trip options for adventure seekers in Colorado. From a peaceful wildflower hike to an exciting whitewater rafting adventure on the Colorado River, there is something for everyone. Have you heard the old saying “parents don’t have favorite kids” and thought that […]

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woman practicing water rescue holding a line attached to a man on a stand up paddle board

Wilderness Skills: Knots

At Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides, you won’t find guides who just specialize in one activity. We have guides who are so passionate about the outdoors that we take up all kinds of hobbies! Your mountain biking guide probably rock climbs on the weekends, or your hiking guide can tell […]

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two people rock climbing boulder's flatirons

Rock Climbing Boulder’s Flatirons

Rock Climbing Boulder’s Flatirons   Boulder’s Flatirons rise magnificently from just behind Chautauqua Park, providing a stark contrast to the eastern plains and giving the City of Boulder it’s trademark formations. Long known as some of the best rock climbing in the city, the Flatirons are so accessible and beloved […]

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man scrambling up steep rock on a mountain trail

Our Favorite Colorado Scrambling Traverses

Our Favorite Colorado Scrambling Traverses The wildest of adventures in Colorado are also the longest and most complex days. Colorado’s peaks, while spectacular in their own right, are interconnected with magnificent ridges and traverses that add an additional challenge, sense of excitement, and longer days in gorgeous high alpine terrain. […]

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