Whitewater Rafting

group of people whitewater rafting in a yellow boat

Can Beginners Do Class 3 Rapids in Colorado?

Whether a beginner can safely and responsibly navigate Class 3 rapids depends on the integrity of the equipment used, physical fitness, group dynamics and whether an experienced guide is present. These rapids are considered moderate to intermediate difficulty and are characterized by medium-sized waves, requiring precise maneuvering, and potential obstacles/rocks […]

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group of people on a whitewater rafting trip paddling close to the rocky shore

Does Boulder Colorado Have Whitewater Rafting?

Yes! Boulder, Colorado offers many nearby opportunities for whitewater rafting. While there are no major rivers running directly through Boulder, the city is conveniently located near several popular destinations offering easy river access. Some notable locations near Boulder include: Clear Creek River, Cache la Poudre River, and the Arkansas River. […]

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Scenic View of the Upper Colorado River from Upper Gore Canyon Are

Day Trips on the Upper Colorado River

The Upper Colorado River Basin is one of Colorado’s least known and spectacular wilderness areas. Set near the mountains of Steamboat, the Upper Colorado plays host to whitewater rafting, fly fishing, hiking, and camping, in a breathtaking red rock canyon, with rolling hills and plains on one side, and the […]

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