Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides would like to thank our guides, staff, and students for an exceptional 2016-2017 AIARE season. Although the snow this season started late, we got some great days in the backcountry, gave our students the tools, the knowledge, and the abilities to make good decisions, and we had a lot of fun ourselves with some wonderful days travelling throughout James Peak and Rocky Mountain National Park. In 2017 we even had the opportunity to work with the Outdoor Women’s Alliance to create our first all-women’s AIARE course with a group of enthusiastic and wonderful ladies.


Our staff brought out all their professionalism and experience to the forefront of the course, using real life experiences and knowledge to give our students an up-front and personal view at what it’s like to be in an avalanche and how to safely read the terrain and make good decisions. During the course, we saw several storm cycles, which allowed us to see a multitude of conditions and layers, which added a scientific aspect to our courses.


We at Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides continue to strive for the best education possible for our students, even after the classes, and our doors remain open for students who are looking for resources, knowledge, or just a safe environment to practice in. We are here for our students, even years after their classes. We will also be updating our students on the changes to the AIARE Program in 2017-2018 and we will be offering an AIARE II course in the upcoming season. We would love to hear from you about your adventures, your lessons, and how best we can be a resource for your development.


We are also offering a number of opportunities to get out into the backcountry including ski tours, snowshoeing, multiday excursions and hut trips, and knowledge on how to improve your backcountry ability and get into more challenging terrain. Call us at 720 242 9828 to talk about how we can further your development and education!

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