For any backcountry travel, it’s essential to have knowledge of avalanche conditions,

decision making in avalanche terrain, and how to react should a slide suddenly come

crashing down. Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides, in association with

Backcountry Access is proud to present the 2015-2016 AIARE Level I and Level II


The classes will include two classroom days at the Colorado Mountain Club in

Boulder and two field days, which will help prepare backcountry aspirants on

rescue and making decisions in avalanche terrain. The AIARE Level I class focuses

on understanding an avalanche’s anatomy, how it forms, avoiding slide-prone

terrain, and how it moves. Furthermore, students will learn how to choose their

route to avoid dangerous areas, read snowpack and observe ‘red flags’ and how to

mitigate the ‘human factor’ on the environment. Finally, students will learn effective

rescue techniques using an avalanche beacon, probe, and shovel to swiftly recover a

buried backcountry traveller.

In AIARE Level II, students will learn how to interpret weather forecasts and what

that means for snow travel. They will learn to plan their route by studying maps,

photos and graphs, and making the best decisions, based on gathered data.

Furthermore they will study energy balance, triggering of slides by skiers, and

rescuing companions in a deep burial and multiple burial situations.

Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides’ AIARE Level I and Level II Courses are

taught by experienced and certified instructors with decades of experience in

backcountry terrain. Students will be provided all course materials on the first

evening of class as well as full instruction. Students will be responsible for providing

their own personal gear plus a beacon, probe, and shovel.


January 28-31st, 2016

February 18-21st, 2016

Price: $370.00


February 18-21st, 2016

Price: $470.00

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