It’s the middle of summer; the sun is beating down, and getting completely soaked sounds like a very good idea. So how does a massive slip and slide sound? The idea of taking a tube and go careening down a slicked slope to come to a satisfying splash at the bottom? Colorado is fortunate to have not one, but two massive water slides that’ll have people screaming to joy from the launch to splashdown. So, what’s the big difference? One gets you three rides for the same price that the other gives you one. Businesses providing water slides and inflatables to their customers may want to learn about the available commercial bounce houses that they can add to their list of entertainment options for hire.

Slide The City

Slide the City features a 1,000-foot water slide, which spans multiple blocks as it travels from city to city throughout the summer. The brightly colored narrow double track slide brings a whole party with music, food, and drinks, as many line up to take the plunge down the low-angled streets. Giant beach balls, games, water balloon and water gun fights round up an exciting day. Slide the city recycles all the water that they use back into the city and help raise awareness for water conservation. While the event has altruistic motives and creates a fun community event, it gets very large; therefore many are waiting hours in line to take a run down the narrow tracks. Furthermore, at $15.00 for one ride and $50.00 for unlimited rides, many are paying more to take a run and then head back into the line. In the Colorado edition, the organizers required a tube to ride, of which participants must supply their own or purchase a three-ride ($30.00) or VIP ($50.00) ticket. While it is a wholly fun event, the prices leave many sliding less than they would like.

Colorado Slip and Slide

Situated at the apex of a 450-foot hill over the Westin Westminster, Colorado Slip and Slide careens at an astounding 45-degree angle to a magnificent splashdown. Because the slide itself is so wide, multiple participants can take the plunge at the same time. If Slide The City prices one slide at $15.00, Colorado Slip and Slide prices three slides for the same price. Ride with an inner tube for only $5.00 more, but if you don’t have one, you still get to splashdown as many times as you like. Colorado Slip and Slide will be one of the marquee obstacles of the Hard As Nails Obstacle Mud Race on June 4th, 2016, but will remain open for unlimited rides the following day, June 5th. Are you ready to take the plunge?

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