As the snow begins to thaw, going into summer, Colorado starts to shimmer like no other time during the year. Spring is one of Colorado’s prime adventure seasons, when backcountry skiing and snowshoeing are in their prime, but the winter thaw also allows for rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking, sightseeing and fly fishing, all set under snowcapped peaks and dry landscapes below. Spring is one of our favorite seasons because we can ski in the morning and then bike, hike, rock climb in the afternoon. Check out some of our favorite spring Colorado adventures.

Transforming Lives Through Adventure - Colorado Wilderness Rides And Guides
Transforming Lives Through Adventure – Colorado Wilderness Rides And Guides

Skiing and Snowshoeing

Backcountry skiing and snowshoeing come into its prime as the snow begins to settle, and conditions allow for exploring higher and farther than before. Rocky Mountain National Park opens up to ski mountaineering and exciting couloirs, plus high traverses and stable snowpack. Meanwhile down below, the hardened snow is perfect for snowshoeing. We can explore the high summits of Rocky Mountain National Park or nearby Roosevelt National Forest. We can also facilitate multi-day trips to huts or yurts around the Front Range or snow camp in some of Colorado’s wildest landscapes.


Colorado Womens Mountain Bike Training Camps with She Jumps and Colorado Wilderness Rides And Guides
Colorado Womens Mountain Bike Training Camps with She Jumps and Colorado Wilderness Rides And Guides

Mountain Biking

Want to mountain bike under a spectacular snowcapped alpine skyline? The trails down low dry out and the moderate spring temperatures allow for fantastic riding either through the drier trails around Boulder, or the semi-thawed trails up high in places like Nederland. It’s a great time to be out before the summer heat hits, as it’s cooler in the morning and then warm in the afternoon, especially getting closer to the summer months. It’s also a great time to ride the Switzerland Trail, which starts at the top of Boulder Canyon and then rides back down into the city. Whether a beginner or looking at some of Colorado’s most challenging trails, mountain biking in the spring is a great time to be out!


Client climbs Greys and Torreys Peak


As the winter snow melts around Boulder, spring hiking around Boulder’s peaks is in its best season, with mild temperatures, views of the snowcapped Indian Peaks and the Rocky Mountain National Park skyline, and trails with less people. As the snow melts and the smell of spring pines wafts through Boulder, we like to explore some of our favorite trails like Mt. Sanitas and Royal Arch, as well as some of the higher peaks like Green Mountain or Bear Peak. For easier days we like the Mesa Trail as it traverses under green valleys in South Boulder, or a leisurely jaunt in Eldorado Canyon State Park where we watch rock climbers and look out on the peaks to the west. Come out in the spring and see some of our favorite trails!


Rock Climbing Adventures in Colorado
Rock Climbing Adventures in Colorado

Rock Climbing

Don’t tell anyone, but the best climbing in Colorado is in the shoulder seasons, in spring and fall. The afternoons are cooler, which allows for more climbing, and the rock is dry and sticky, which means you can climb harder, sooner. Boulder is one of the world’s rock climbing meccas, from the walls of Boulder Canyon to the wild multi-pitch of Eldorado Canyon State Park. There are thousands of options from easy walls for the beginner climber, to some of the world’s most cutting edge ascents. It’s also a great time to gear up for mountaineering season, with great conditions for learning to climb on snow and alpine environments. Rock climbing is completely in for spring!



As the animals begin to come out from winter hibernation, sightseeing is a great way to see Colorado in ultimate comfort. Rocky Mountain National Park is splendid as the snowy peaks but mild temperatures combine the best of both worlds into a splendid vista. We’ll have the opportunity to see animals such as deer, moose, elk, coyotes, and potentially black bears as they reawaken from their winter hibernation. The winter tour explores some of the lower roads, until Trail Ridge Road opens just after Memorial Day. It’s a great way to see the park when there’s less parties and more open space.

Kremmling Area and Upper Colorado Wade Fishing

Fly Fishing

Whether it’s in the thawing streams of Rocky Mountain National Park, the canyons of the Upper Colorado River, or the waters of Boulder Creek, fly fishing in the spring opens up opportunities to fishing at the very start of the season, where we have the chance to fish a wide variety of Colorado-native species. We’ll explore some of the best waters in the state and fish for varieties like the Colorado Greenback cutthroat trout, one of the best catches in the West. For beginners it’s also a great time to hone skills before the real season starts in the summer, as well as our exclusive courses to build your own fly rod and fly tying courses.

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