Fly Fishing is a sport deeply tied to it’s handcrafted roots. From magnificent wooden rods to intricate flies, the crafting of gear requires as much patience, craft and honing of skills as it does on the river. Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides has pride in the ability of our guides to create one of a kind artistic pieces such as flies and rods that are everlasting in their beauty as they are in their functionality. Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides is proud to present an exclusive rod making course with our guides who bring years of experience to the craft as they explain the subtle ways of crafting and utilizing these beautiful pieces. Over the course of the class, students will learn to assemble the various rod components, crafted by hand, and at the end of the course will take home their one of a kind piece. The course will take place for two hours a night for seven nights over two weeks at the Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides office, with the patient instruction from our course lead Jack Brunner and other and other expert rod makers and guides. Dates:  Feb and March 2018. Class size: 2 participants: Cost: $1800. Contact us for information: 720-242-9828.

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