The heart and soul of fly-fishing is of course in the flies. Colorful and intricate pieces which each fisherman is proud to call his own. Creating flies is a time-honored craft, which demands patience and minute attention to detail. Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides’ Fly Tying Course is a two hour course once a week for five weeks in the Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides office, teaching the skill, the confidence, and the patience to craft unique flies for all seasons. Along the course, our guides will talk about the best seasonal fishing areas, how to read the water for the best fly use, and how to maximize your success of getting great catches in Colorado’s legendary waterways. Join us for this one of a kind experience with our professional and knowledgeable guides, and learn first hand about what it takes to create truly remarkable handcrafted work. Class will be 1 night a week for two hours for 5 weeks. All participants will learn 5 fly patterns and make 10 dozen flies. Course Dates: March and April 2018. Class Size: 10-16 participants. Cost: $120


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