The Best Fly Fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain National Park is an angler’s paradise; both in the sheer scope of the scenery and the fishing opportunities available, and featuring some of the best fly fishing in Colorado. From the streams and ponds of Beaver Meadows, easily accessible from the front of the park, to the wild alpine lakes of the Mummy Range, the fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park is world-class, searching for trout species such as brown, brook, rainbow, and the Greenback Cutthroat, one of the few species that is native only to Colorado.

With so many options in the park it can be tough to know what’s best, but by understanding the right conditions, what species are thriving where, and the environment, it’s easy to make the best out of a thrilling fishing trip at the heart of one of America’s most beloved National Parks.

Here is the best of fly-fishing in Rocky Mountain National Park.

fly fishing for trout in rocky mountain national park


Moraine Park – Streams, Lakes, and Ponds

Coming from Highway 36 in Estes Park takes anglers to the Moraine Park and Bear Lake area, famed for having some of the most plentiful trout stocks in the park. Under the eyes of large herds of elk, we’ll get to fish for large trout, which loom around shallow and still water, making this a great area for practicing casting, teaching beginners, or having a calmer day on the water. With easy accessibility and a number of areas to cast, from ponds to streams, and the nearby Big Thompson River, and sitting under a spectacular Rocky Mountain Skyline above, Moraine Park is the perfect introductory area to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Fly Fishing Moraine Park Colorado Wilderness Rides And Guides
Fly Fishing Moraine Park Colorado Wilderness Rides And Guides


Glacier Gorge Area – Fishing in a Spectacular Alpine Setting

Trout anglers flock to this craggy section of the park to fish in places such as Sprague Lake and the Loch, with shimmering waters stocked with prized trout under a breathtaking Rocky Mountain backdrop. The Loch, secluded by alpine rock towers, is sheltered by the wind, making it perfect for calm water fishing where greenback cutthroat and brook trout are plentiful. The water is placid and the fishing here is easy with a number of coves to hide away from the crowds. This is a great place for catching large amounts of trout in a great full day of fishing, with lots of other side streams and ponds to explore nearby.

Not far is Sprague Lake, a magnificent alpine lake that overlooks a Continental Divide Skyline, Sprague Lake is excellent for taking kids and families, with gorgeous views, brook and rainbow trout aplenty, and plenty of variation for fishing nearby, with side ponds and streams that make for excellent easy fishing.

Fly Fishing Sprague Lake RMNP Colorado Wilderness Rides And Guides
Fly Fishing Sprague Lake RMNP Colorado Wilderness Rides And Guides


Lawn Lake – Exploring the Northern District of Rocky Mountain National Park

The northern side of Rocky Mountain National Park, bordering the Mummy Range, has some the best high altitude fishing in the park, with a number of options for truly secluded fishing with a difficult backpack and hike approach, but some of the most remote territory in the park. In between the jagged peaks of the Mummy Range, Lawn Lake and nearby Crystal Lake, offer true wilderness fly-fishing, with green, brook, rainbow, and greenback cutthroat trout. For more wade style fishing, head over to the Roaring River, with rushing waters, challenging fishing, but a rewarding catch, with wild trout hiding in the alcoves, just waiting to be found. For those looking for a long hike in and an exhilarating wilderness fishing experience, this is the place for you.


Thunder Lake and Wild Basin – The Western Edge of Rocky Mountain National Park

On the edge of one of the most remote 13ers in Rocky Mountain National Park, Mt. Alice, Thunder Lake has one of the most prized trout stocks in the park with stunning views of Mt. Alice, Pilot Mountain, and Tanima Peak flanking the waterways of Wild Basin. The Wild Basin Trail takes fishermen into the heart of one of the secluded park districts with craggy peaks all around, and fishing areas such as Lion Lake, Finch Lake, and Sandbeach Lake. The latter, with it’s beach-like appearance, easy access, and spectacular mountain views make it a prized destination for children and families experiencing true backcountry fly fishing in the park.


Fly Fishing Around Estes Park – Outside of Rocky Mountain National Park

Fly-fishing isn’t only limited to the confines of Rocky Mountain National Park. With a number of waterways, reservoirs, lakes, and ponds in the city of Estes Park, there are a number of different options for every kind of angler, from easily accessible lakes and streams, to fishing downriver from Olympus Dam. This popular dam has easy accessibility and fun casting for a number of rainbow and brown trout in the tail waters. Nearby, you can cast into the Big Thompson with nearly 3,500 fish per mile.

Brook Trout caught outside Estes Park - Colorado Wilderness Rides And Guides
Brook Trout caught outside Estes Park – Colorado Wilderness Rides And Guides

Estes Park and Rocky Mountain National Park are a wonderland for fly fishermen, with a number of locations and easy and challenging sites for anglers. Call 720 242 9828 to book your fly fishing adventure today!


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