Best Denver Adventures and Denver Outdoors Activities

While Denver is one of the largest metropolises in Colorado, set on the Eastern Plains on the edge of the Front Range, it still is just 30 minutes away from great rock climbing, fly fishing, hiking, sightseeing, whitewater rafting, and mountain biking, with a central hub that opens up to many avenues of adventure. With Golden and Clear Creek Canyon just half an hour from the city and Boulder, with its grand peaks and trails only slightly farther out, there are a number of opportunities for getting into the mountains, even when it feels that the mountains are farther out. No wonder people choose to get into the Denver housing market, waking up to sights like these every day would make anyone want to relocate. Here are some of the best adventures and ways to get outdoors that is close to Denver.

Rock Climbing Denver Colorado – Denver’s Best Climbing Guides

Since Golden Cliffs and Clear Creek Canyon just 30 minutes from Downtown Denver, there are a number of opportunities to get outside and climb, without having to travel too far from the city. From beginner ascents for first time climbers, to advanced and thrilling routes for those who are more experienced. Colorado is one of the world’s prime climbing destinations, with thousands of routes spread across the different areas of the Front Range, from the single pitch of Clear Creek Canyon, Boulder Canyon, and Golden Cliffs, to the world-class multi-pitch of Eldorado Canyon, known as one of the birthplaces of American rock climbing. In Colorado, we’ll get to experience all styles of climbing, from classic boulders, to high flying sport climbing, fun low-angle top roping, and technical alpine rock climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park, known as one of the world’s alpine paradises. Whether a first-time climber or a veteran mountaineer, there’s a climb for everyone in Colorado.

Fly Fishing Denver Colorado – Guided Denver Fly Fishing Trips

With Clear Creek Canyon and Boulder Creek, some of the best fly fishing in the state is just under an hour away from Downtown Denver, giving anglers the opportunities to fish for classic Colorado trout, including brook, rainbow, and brown trout, in a spectacular setting just under the foothills of the Rockies. From easily wade-able streams to rushing, challenging waters, there’s a spot for every kind of angler, from the beginner caster, to the experienced fisherman looking for some of the most fun and exhilarating fishing in the Denver area. Only 30 minutes outside of Downtown Denver, Clear Creek Canyon features a spectacular roaring creek set between magnificent canyon walls, offering a true wilderness experience set just outside of the city. For those who want to explore further, Boulder, which is just under an hour from downtown, features numerous areas to explore, including easily accessible ponds, where younger anglers and beginners have an easy space to practice, to the more challenging waters of Boulder and Eldorado Canyon, where we’ll get to fish for prized Colorado trout in a truly spectacular setting.

Hiking Denver Colorado – Experience the Best guided Denver hiking tours

It’s no secret that some of the best hiking in the world is in Colorado, with it’s ever-changing scenery, soaring mountains, green foothills, and historic trails, which take travelers to some of the best high points in the state. Just outside of Downtown Denver there are a number of opportunities for great trails, from the rocky paths that cross the peaks in Boulder at the foothills of the Rockies, to exploring the sandstone cliffs around Red Rocks Amphitheater, and the urban trails around Cherry Creek State Park. There are excellent hikes for every level of adventurer, from flat and low-grade walks, to hiking to the top of the peaks that surround Boulder, where we’ll be able to look out to Rocky Mountain National Park, the Indian Peaks Wilderness, and views that stretch across the Eastern Plains. Just half an hour from Downtown Denver, we can explore the city of Golden and the high cliffs that rise just above, where we’ll be able to look across Clear Creek Canyon to downtown in the distance and as far as Denver International Airport. Just farther, around Red Rocks Amphitheater, we can hike through Matthew Winters State Park and Mt. Falcon, which open up to the stunning open space just outside of the city. This is a great way to escape the city without having to travel too far.

Sightseeing Denver Colorado – Denver Sightseeing Tours – Explore Denvers Road Less Traveled

Those who want to see the best of Colorado’s history and scenery, without the physical effort can join a fun and informative sightseeing tour to discover the history and secrets of Denver and the Colorado landscape. From exploring the historical sights of downtown, to Red Rocks Amphitheater and beyond to Clear Creek and Boulder, there are a number of ways to see the sights of Colorado from the comfort of our heated and air conditioned vans, even in the rainiest and snowiest of weather. Our experienced and enthusiastic guides will peel back layers of Colorado’s history, from the earliest settlers to the geographic change, and the modern era of Colorado becoming the gateway to the West. This is a great way to experience the state in a way that few others get to see, with knowledgeable and fun guides leading the way. Farther out we’ll get to explore Boulder and it’s historical place on the Front Range as one of the culturally forward and eclectic cities in Colorado, and farther out to Rocky Mountain National Park where we’ll get to see one of the most iconic landscapes in America.

Whitewater Rafting Denver Colorado – Guided Denver Whitewater Rafting Trips

Just under an hour away from Denver is some of the best whitewater rafting in the state, as Clear Creek Canyon, and the rushing rapids set underneath the relics of Colorado’s gold mining age, feature some of the best whitewater rafting close to the city. With a beginner or an intermediate course, rafters will be challenged by a thrilling cycle of waves, rocks, obstacles, and fun rises and drops. For riders as young as 7, we’ll get you on a thrilling half day adventure to explore some of the best rapids close to Denver. For a longer day, consider an experience on the Upper Colorado River, where we’ll get to explore the breathtaking red rock country of Northern Colorado. We’ll see some of the best fly fishing and rafting in the state.

Mountain Biking Denver Colorado – Guided Denver Mountain Bike Tours

As one of the prime mountain biking destinations across the world, Colorado is famed for it’s nearly endless amounts of trails and options for great biking. From the technical, winding roads through the mountains, to scenic and hilly rides through the foothills of the Rockies, there’s a trail for every kind of rider. Within half an hour from Denver, we’re able to explore the twisty paths around Red Rocks Amphitheater, the creek-side trails around Clear Creek Canyon, and some of the mellower rides around Golden and Table Mountain. We’ll get to explore gentle rolling hill trails for beginner riders, and more advanced technical rides for those who are more experienced. For further adventures, we can also get to ride into Boulder to experience such classics as the Switzerland Trail Downhill, the exciting rides around Marshall Mesa, and the gentle trails of South Boulder. Come experience the best riding in Colorado!

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