Set in Northwest Colorado, under rolling hills, sprawling canyons, and rushing

water, the Upper Colorado River is one of the most spectacular landscapes in the

nation. Teeming with a variety of sport fish, including brown, cutthroat, and

rainbow trout, and a vista of sprawling plains, deep river-cut canyons, and green,

rocky hills, the river is one of Colorado’s most pristine and untouched, which gives

Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides the pride of leading extraordinary excursions

to fly fish and raft this one-of-a-kind area.

With a permit from the BLM, Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides leads single or

multi-day trips from the Pumphouse Campsite to State Bridge and beyond. Utilizing

the best rafts, our guides have mapped out the river to know where to find the best

fishing, camping, and wildlife viewing on the River. Start with a hearty camp

breakfast, before loading into the raft and lazily drifting through open plains and

expansive vistas with the silhouette of the Rocky Mountains in the background.

Next delve into the canyon as the boat hits the first rapids and our guides expertly

steer across thrilling whitewater, and help cast into the narrow pockets under the

rocks where the fish wade in the eddies.

Coming out of the canyon, the river mellows, following the tracks of a historical

railroad, as the rafts meander through stony hills, sandstone columns rising from

the water, a hot spring, and the opportunity to leap from the high cliffs into the

chilly mountain water. Here, our guides teach technique, proper bait selection, and

what side of the river to cast on, ensuring the best chances for fishing success.

All our guides bring combined decades of fishing experience all over the world,

combined with proper swiftwater rescue certifications and the latest in safety

training. Our goal is to ensure a unique, exhilarating, and spectacular experience

across one of our favorite and most revered lands.

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