Winter is a magical time in Colorado. With snowcapped peaks, miles of quiet, blanketed landscapes, and opportunities to explore the state’s scenery in a variety of ways from skis or snowshoes, to hiking and sightseeing. Rocky Mountain National Park, the pride of Colorado’s open spaces, takes on a whole different character in the winter, with less people, more wildlife, and a surreal landscape of ice, snow, solitude, and uniqueness. From ski tours to snowshoeing, the ways to explore the park is endless with exciting couloirs and descents, to mellow tours that traverse the ridges high above the park. These are our favorite Rocky Mountain National Park winter excursions.

Ski Touring

Rocky Mountain National Park is one of America’s backcountry ski meccas, with dozens of skiable summits, mellow tours, thrilling couloirs, and miles of trails for backcountry exploration. Rocky Mountain National Park has miles of explore able terrain, from the former resort of Hidden Valley, with it’s runs still carved in the hillside, to the steeps of the Banana Bowls, gracefully descending near Emerald Lake, and some of the most exciting drops and gullies in the West. The park is perfect for day or multi-day tours with some of the most exhilarating traverses in Colorado. There are also plenty of opportunities for thrilling ski mountaineering with beginner, intermediate, and advanced routes throughout the park.


For those who want to move at a more relaxed pace, snowshoeing through Rocky Mountain National Park is seeing it at it’s most classic. With miles of trails winding through the frozen landscape, and opportunities to view wildlife such as moose, deer, elk, and coyotes, Rocky Mountain National Park snowshoe trails takes guests pasts stunning frozen waterfalls, iced-over alpine lakes, and through snowy prairies, all under a spectacular snow-capped mountain backdrop. Some of our favorite trails include Bear Lake to Emerald Lake, Lake Bierstadt, Alberta Falls, and hiking to the top of Flattop Mountain and Hallett Peak. Rocky Mountain National Park is a snowshoeing wonderland.


From the comfort of a heated, air-conditioned van, sightseeing allows for exploring the hidden secrets of Rocky Mountain National Park in ultimate comfort. Explore the lower roads of the park under the breathtaking Rocky Mountain backdrop, as animals such as moose, elk, deer, and coyote among many others, feed in the open spaces and walk along the roadside. There are opportunities for comfortably exploring areas that might be too snowed in to hike through and the view from below gives a much more intimidating look at the massive peaks of the park. Sightseeing is the best way to see Rocky Mountain National Park in the most comfortable way.

Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides is an official concessionaire for Rocky Mountain National Park. For more information about our ski, snowshoe, and sightseeing tours, check out our trips here!

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RMNP Winter Sightseeing

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