It all started from the time that Tye was just a young pup. Born in Utah and raised in Colorado- Tye has spent the majority of his time in the mountains. His father- owner and lead guide of Colorado Wilderness- has brought Tye on as many appropriate adventures as possible. Whether it be a fly-fishing trip, a ski adventure, rafting, mountain biking, hiking, etc. Tye does it all!

Tye has always been an exceptional dog. Born with a gentle and calm disposition, Tye quickly passed his service dog test at the mere age of two. He is a great listener and a wonderful healer. He is commonly seen at Colorado wilderness events- assisting with leadership and team-building activities. Tye will greet you with a big wag of his tail and a smile on his face.

Tye has a busy schedule. If it is an office day, Tye gets up early to hike Mt. Sanitas or go on a long walk around the neighborhood with his Mom and Dad. He goes into the office and provides support for the office staff, always putting a smile on their face. He loves to welcome guests and our guides to the office as well. After work, Tye goes on another adventure- whether it be mountain biking with his family in the summer or on a long winter walk- Tye stays in tip-top shape.

On a guided day, Tye starts his morning with a bacon gouda sandwich from Starbucks- fueling up for the day.  His favorite activity may be rafting in which he greatly enjoys being on the water with guests, searching for fish, swimming, and leaping to the rescue of swimmers or paddlers perceived to be in danger. He additionally knows how to travel on multi-use mountain biking trails, catch and release fish, chase his dad down a ski hill, etc. Tye is truly an all-mountain dog and brings love, compassion, and empathy to each guided day.

Tye on the infamous Kokopelli Trail

If you come across Tye at a Colorado Wilderness event- don’t be shy saying hi! Tye is extremely friendly and hypoallergenic- in case you are allergic. He loves people, helping others, adventures, playing fetch, his family, and the water! If you want Tye at your adventure or event, please reach out to us.  He helps promote healing, tranquility, and increased productivity or learning. Tye surely always puts a smile on my face!

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