How to Perfect Your Wedding Transportation

You’ve been planning this day for a long time. You have the venue, the caterers, the guests, and the hotels perfectly mapped out. Now you have to get your guests from the hotel to the ceremony plus reception and back. To avoid any potential pitfalls, missed timing, or sudden distractions, planning wedding transportation should be laid out well in advance so that the entire day goes off as well-choreographed as the first dance. Whether you’re using taxis, an event chauffeur service, or having designated drivers, here are some tips to make the best of your wedding day


Plan Ahead

The demands for summer weddings fill up quickly early in the year, and the best time to plan is as early as possible so that there are no last minute hiccups the day before. When calling to plan, have as much information available as possible including the number of guests, the venues, and the time of the ceremony, reception, and return to the hotel.

Have An Onsite Coordinator

On the day of the ceremony, it’s important to be sure that all the members of the party are at their designated pickup spot. To ensure promptness and easy loading onto the buses, it’s best to have a member of the group coordinate with the drivers and with the group, to assist those who need help getting on the bus, may have left something behind and need to return to the hotel, or those who might not know where the pickup location is. Having open communication with the drivers is key to a smooth and efficient process.

Take Traffic and Delays into Account

When planning your timetables, take into account any potential delays, including traffic, construction, other events in the area, and sudden weather changes. When looking up distances using Google, mentally add a further 5 to 10 minutes for loading times at the hotel and any potential delays on the way up. Use this also when budgeting for multiple trips on one bus or consider using multiple buses to get everyone there at the same time.

Prepare an Early Timetable To Stick To

When planning wedding transportation, it’s important to have a well-planned timetable to have for the drivers. Furthermore, it’s important for the times to remain consistent so that there’s little confusion going into the actual day of the ceremony, where confusion is never welcomed and can prove detrimental to the overall plans. Therefore, it’s important to decide early on how many people will be on each bus and keep a consistent timetable to the day of.

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