It’s the most talked about event of the Hard As Nails Obstacle Mud Race: A 22-degree water slide of over 400-feet careening down the side of a hill at the Westin Westminster. For the last two years, it’s been so popular that this year, we’ve decided to give the slide its own special day. While the slide will be part of the 2016 Hard As Nails Obstacle Mud Race on June 4th, 2016, the next day, we’ll be leaving the slide up for a whole day of speed, thrills, and spills.

Just after Hard As Nails 2015 ended, we saw many coming back to the slide over and over again to take another plunge. Some contestants were even running back up the hill during the race to take another go before continuing. Thus, we decided to create a fun community event that’ll have you screaming for joy as you and an inner tube fly down to an exciting splash. You’ll be guaranteed to be laughing for hours.

Bring a friend and ride together! Want to grab an inner tube? We have those too, or if you want to go belly first or turtle spin your way down, you go with your style. Sign up for Hard As Nails Obstacle Mud Race for the holidays and we’ll include a slip and slide ticket free! Are you going to take the plunge with us?

Colorado Slip and Slide

May 5th, 2016

One Slide – $5.00

Three Slides – $15.00

Inner Tube – $5.00

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