Imagine: You are halfway up a peak in the middle of winter when you suddenly realize “Uh oh….I’m in way over my head.” This is a dangerous realization and a completely preventable situation. There are reasons only the top athletes can make it up a peak unguided and live to tell the tale. Here are some reasons why you may consider hiring a guide for your next adventure outside.

Knowledge: Guides are a wealth of knowledge. They go into an adventure with a carefully cultivated plan to see the sites, hit up the little-known spots because of insider knowledge, and know where you are going to be uninterrupted. They can turn a seemingly ordinary hike into an epic one.

Experience: All of our guides come with years of experience. They know what to do in weird situations because they have lived it. They know what to do when so you don’t have to worry about the unknowns.

Training: On top of the years of knowledge and experience our guides have accrued, they have certifications too. Wilderness First Responder? Check. AMGA SPI? Check. Avalanche Safety? Check. It is like going to the doctor and you get that warm fuzzy feeling of all the degrees behind their desk, but for more epic things. (But maybe go to the doctor to get that warm fuzzy feeling checked out….your insides shouldn’t feel fuzzy….)

The Fun Factor: The most important thing for any adventure though is a satisfied client. Our guides know how to have fun, and their stoke is contagious (in a good way). Not only are you going to have an epic time outside, but you are also going to have fun before, during, and after. Put on your party shirt and get ready to bag some peaks!

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