Known for its robust craft brewing scene paired with a culture instilled in the outdoors, Colorado boasts a variety of killer local beers for your next wilderness adventure.  Brewed by outdoor enthusiasts for outdoor enthusiasts, these canned brews pair well with a long hike through Rocky Mountain National Park, a day fly fishing on the Upper Colorado River, or even just a day sitting on a patio enjoying Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine.


Fearless Youth Grimm Brothers Brewery, Loveland

ABV: 5.8%

Not your traditional lager, this German Dunkel variation has notes of caramel, chocolate, and fresh bread, without sacrificing the crisp, clean finish of a lager. 



Avery White Rascal, Boulder

ABV: 5.6%

A local favorite patio pounder. This light, crisp, Belgian white has hints of citrus and grassy tones, making it a refreshing choice on a hot summer day. 



Dry Dock Hop Abomination, Aurora

ABV: 6.5% or Hazy IPA: 7%

Whether you like your IPA hoppy or hazy, Dry Dock’s got you covered. Brewed heavy-handed with four different types of hops, Hop Abomination will knock you back with floral, citrus, and tropical flavors. For those hazy fanatics, Dry Dock also has a great Hazy IPA that has a deliciously hazy blend of tropical flavors and citrusy aromas. 


Pale Ale

Oscar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale, Longmont

ABV: 6.5%

This balanced but hoppy pale ale is a Colorado classic. Hoppy on the nose with a bit of malt and citrus makes this a well-rounded classic pale. 



Left Hand Sawtooth Ale, Longmont

ABV: 5.3%

Heavy on the hops, mild on the bitterness. Bready like a traditional amber, but also with a hint of citrus. It’s a well-rounded brew for your next day on the river. 



Crooked Stave Sour Rose, Denver

ABV: 4.5%

This barrel-aged sour is brewed with raspberries and blueberries and fermented in oak barrels. Crisp, bubbly, and fruity, a refreshing way to end a hike.



Four Noses El Jefe, Broomfield

ABV: 7.4%

This imperial stout can be a bit difficult to find but if you can get your hands on a pack, it’s completely worth it. Brewed with coffee and cinnamon, this velvety smooth stout tastes like a churro dipped in coffee. And at 7.4% ABV it packs a punch so enjoy responsibly at altitude!



Holidaily Brewery Golden

For our gluten intolerant friends, we recommend any of the brews from Holidaily. Holidaily is a fully gluten-free brewery and specializes in making GF-friendly beers taste good. So skip the nickel-y tasting big brand stuff and pick up a 6 pack from their taproom instead!



Upslope Spiked Snowmelt Seltzer, Boulder

5% ABV

Made with Rocky Mountain snowmelt and with exciting flavor combos like Juniper and Lime, this seltzer stands out from the others. It’s a great local option for those non-beer drinkers out there. 

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