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Custom Experiential Adventures

To become effective leaders (rather than simply managers) and win the respect and trust of their colleagues, emerging leaders need to practice the following:

-Creating a vision

-Honing communication skills

-Handling challenging situations

-Making effective decisions

Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams' outdoor leadership development programs inspire emerging leaders to challenge themselves and gain the confidence required to lead. Compared to classroom programs, our wilderness-based exercises require participants to bring a team together and make critical decisions in an authentic way. Briefing, debriefing, and feedback from our staff and their cohorts enable emerging leaders to translate course learning into worksite application.

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Our activities, games, and group adventures were born out of requests from our corporate, non-profit clients, and professional athletes; and have been carefully designed from the extensive knowledge base of our expert professional staff.


Tailored programs for your context and needs

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Translating Leadership Values into Practice - Emerging leaders take responsibility for organizing team efforts, generating choices, and demonstrating resolve. Activities require leaders to communicate clearly, maintain control, and respond to others' reactions in high-stakes or time-sensitive situations.

Role Reversal - Participants plan and implement tasks typically done by colleagues both below and above them in the company hierarchy. Debriefing allows emerging leaders to recognize colleague's strengths, challenges of their roles, and opportunities to improve communication and productivity.

Taking a Step Back - Rotating through a series of active challenges, emerging leaders take turns observing teammates' interactions, leadership dynamics, stress management, and adaptability. Peer feedback allows for critical insights and worksite application.

Leadership Challenge- Participants must model the way through a series of activities as they enable others to act, ensure inclusivity, demonstrate an understanding of vulnerability, and make the impossible possible.

The Art and Science of Storytelling- As the natural world encourages more open thinking, participants discover first how to tell their own story (through writing, photography, and other means). Then they figure out how to collectively tell the story of your organization. By building the story together, participants see how each of their "characters" is critical to the storyline or the path for moving the organization forward.

Colorado Wilderness works closely with your company to design the right program from your context and needs. Let us create a uniquely tailored experience for your team! Call us at 720-242-9828