Best Ways To Preserve Nature While Mountain Biking

Best Ways To Preserve Nature While Mountain Biking 

According to Statista, there were 8.69 million Americans ages 6 and older participating in mountain biking. If you enjoy mountain biking, you understand the importance of working to preserve nature when out on the trails. Here are some of the best ways to preserve nature while mountain biking:

  • While it may seem harmless, getting off the trail does extensive damage. It destroys plants and even destroys their roots. It will contribute to trail widening and other cyclists will follow suit and cut switchbacks. There will be washouts and erosion, which will cause extensive damage.
  • Buy a BPA-free, well-made water bottle that will serve you well for years. Millions of water bottles make their way into landfills and oceans, so don’t add to the problem.
  • Keep the area clean. Be sure to take any trash along with you and dispose of it properly. If you come across any trash that others have left behind, take it with you to dispose of at the end of the journey.
  • Don’t cut ruts. When you cut ruts, it will contribute to erosion and washouts. The ruts will fill with water and cause slippery, dangerous areas for cyclists who head out on the trail later.
  • Don’t ride your brakes downhill. Practice braking. Know when to use the front brakes and when to sue the rear brakes. If you ride the brakes, you will cut ruts and you will wear your bike’s brakes out prematurely.
  • Choose your clothing and gear wisely. Buy high-quality environmentally sustainable brands that will serve you well for long-term. Also, you will be helping the environment on many levels.
  • Be sure to wash your bike, your clothing, and any gear after every ride. You can easily transfer seeds, insects, and disease from one area into another area and then cause extensive damage.
  • Don’t take anything out of nature. Don’t pick flowers, dig up plants, take rocks, feathers, or anything else. Leave everything where it is, so you don’t disrupt the homes of many creatures and so future visitors will enjoy the same things when they visit.
  • Pace yourself and yield right-of-way. Watch for hikers, cyclists, and wildlife. Don’t make animals fill intimated in their own home, and don’t force others off the trail.
  • Mix up your own snacks. Get some locally grown, natural ingredients and mix up granola and trail mix. It will cut down waste, packaging, costs, and travel. Take your snacks along in reusable containers that you can use time and time again.
  • Plan your transportation to the trail. If you are going a considerable distance, carpool. If you are traveling locally, you will cut down on fuel use.
  • After your mountain biking adventure, eat locally from a sustainable restaurant that serves up locally grown dishes.
  • With all going on with COVID 19, please pay attention to local land manager, county, and state regulations and follow their current regulations and recommendations for protecting the health and well-being of other outdoor users and yourself.

With the right care and attentiveness, you can do your part to preserve nature while you are mountain biking out on the trails. That way, you can continue to enjoy nature in its beauty for years to come.

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