Spring Guided Mountain Biking In the Front Range 

As one of the world’s foremost mountain biking destinations, Colorado holds a special place for riders from across the globe. From the half-day trails around Boulder to technical riding across Jefferson County and Magnolia, Colorado’s Front Range offers a wealth of options for everything from the beginner rider to the most experienced of bikers. In the springtime, after the thaw and the last snowfall, Colorado’s biking season explodes with dry trails, exciting lines, and some of the best full day and extra long day rides in the state. Check out some of our favorite guided mountain bike rides in the Front Range. 


Marshall Mesa Guided Mountain Biking – The Gateway to the Flatirons 

Set just outside of Boulder, Marshall Mesa is the starting point for several trails that ride alongside the magnificent Flatirons, Boulder’s iconic sandstone formations. With trails of every level from beginner to intermediate, Marshall Mesa features rolling hills, rocky uphill trails, thrilling and fast downhill rides through grassy ridges, all while having a spectacular view of the Flatirons in the distance. We’ll start from the trailhead near Eldorado Canyon and we’ll either take the tougher trails to the east, or the easier rides through Flatirons Vista on the western side. Along the way we have a number of trail variations that can up or lower the difficulty based on the level and fitness of the rider. This is a great way to explore some of Boulder’s full day trails! 


Switzerland Trail Boulder Bike Descent
Switzerland Trail Boulder Bike Descent


The Switzerland Trail – Ride Downhill While Exploring Boulder’s Gold Mining Past

High in Boulder Canyon, the Switzerland Trail is a look at one of Boulder’s most famous legacies – gold mining. The Switzerland Trail was formerly the railroad grade that took miners high into the canyon during the Gold Rush’s heyday. Now it’s one of the best downhill rides in the state, offering a straight downhill ride that is easy for beginners and intermediates alike. The Switzerland Trail switches between dirt trail and tarmac, with winding forest roads, and a long satisfying downhill into the city of Boulder. For those who are starting their trip from Boulder’s downtown hotels such as the St. Julien, there’s not better feeling then to start at the top of the canyon and then cruise right back to your front door. Come check out one of the best half-day rides in the Front Range! If you can pull a brake, you can ride the Switzerland Trail.


Guided Magnolia and Nederland Mountain Biking – Explore The Edge of the Indian Peaks Wilderness – Roosevelt National Forest 

Just an hour west of Boulder is the strange and whimsical little town of Nederland. Set on the edge of the Indian Peaks Wilderness, Nederland is surrounded by lush forests, rocky trails, and oh yeah, some of the most thrilling and secluded mountain biking on the Front Range. Riding Magnolia and Nederland is riding some of the best forests and mountain trails near Boulder, with spectacular views of the snowcapped peaks to the west, and fresh, piney forests, with trails for intermediate and advanced riders that are fast and flowing. The best features of biking in Magnolia are the tight forest trails, with narrow tree lined trails, wooden park-like features, and big views looking out towards the mountains. This is Front Range riding at it’s best!


Buffalo Creek – Ultra-Long Rides and Thrilling Trails In Jefferson County 

For those who are looking for big days, big uphill trails, and big thrills, Buffalo Creek suits the intermediate-plus to advanced rider with over 40 miles of combined trails that offer some of the best technical riding in the Front Range. Starting just over half an hour from Denver, Buffalo Creek takes a loop around Little Scraggy Peak, with long uphill rides through burned out forest, and one of the best downhill flows in the entire state. The uphill is a calf-burner going through rocky ledges, thin hillsides, and boulder-strewn sections before dropping for a long winding section back down to the creek. The last section, riding through Shingle Mill Trail, features a stunning view overlooking the mountains, and a long, winding, fast, and twisting ride to the parking lot. If there is any trail in the Front Range that is an undisputed classic among mountain bike enthusiasts, it’s Buffalo Creek. 



Mountain Biking Skills Clinics In Boulder – Learn to Ride

As well as offering guided rides, Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides also has expert bikers on staff to help you advance your skills, whether you’re a first time rider or a seasoned veteran. We’ll go out to Valmont Bike Park in Boulder where we have a safe and controlled environment to practice and start with a skill assessment and get to where you want to learn. Whether it’s learning to navigate features or more technical trails or learning the ins and outs of basic bike maintenance, our experienced and knowledgeable staff will get you where you want to be. We’ll work based on individual abilities, which makes our courses perfect for either beginner or advanced riders. Training for a race or an event? We’ll take you to some of the farther trails and ramp up your training with the focused knowledge that only our staff can provide. 


We’d love to get you out! Call us at 720 242 9828 to book your custom and private ride today! 

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