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Come backpack and explore the wilderness and backcountry of Rocky Mountain National Park through our custom and private backpacking trips. As the premier, local Colorado-owned, Rocky Mountain National Backpacking Outfitter, we can create an amazing trip tailored to your group’s desires to experience the park at a deeper level. All of our trips are custom and private. We can usually create itineraries based on our permits from 2 – 10 days. Please call our office for questions or to book your adventure.


June Trips:

  1. June 18-20, 2021 – (3 days). East Inlet
  2. June 18-20,2021 – (3 days). Sandbeach Lake

July Trips:

  1. June 30th – July 5th, 2021 – (6 days). North Inlet to East Inlet
  2. June 30th – July 6th, 2021 – (7 Days). Wild Basin to East Inlet (Thunder Lake)
  3. July 15-21, 2021 – (7 days). Wild Basin Trailhead (Thunder Lake)
  4. July 22-23, 2021 – (2 days). East Inlet Trailhead
  5. July 29th- August 2nd, 2021 – (5 days). Ouzel Lake

August Trips:

  1. August 1-4, 2021 – (4 days). Wild Basin Trailhead (Lake Verna)
  2. August 5-7, 2021 – (3 days). East Inlet Trailhead
  3. August 19-25, 2021 – (7 days). Wild Basin Trailhead (Thunder Lake/ Lake Verna)
  4. August 30th- September 1st, 2021- (3 days). Wild Basin Trailhead (Lake Verna)

September Trips:

  1. September 2-8, 2021- (7 days). Wild Basin Trailhead

*Each trip can be customizable to meet your needs and time frame.


Colorado’s National Parks and Wilderness Areas are famed around the world for their scenic campsites, grand views, challenging trails, and some of the best backpacking in North America. From the splendor of Rocky Mountain National Park to the canyons and mesas of the Flat Tops Wilderness, Colorado’s varied landscapes range from mountain to desert, offering a number of options for every backpacking enthusiast. Our backpacking trips take all the guesswork out of planning your perfect trip. From obtaining RMNP backcountry permits to taking care of all group gear, food, and transportation, we provide the best-guided backpacking experiences in all of Colorado. Check out our guided summer backpacking trips for Summer 2020!

Backpacking enthusiasts flock to Colorado in the summer to explore the backcountry beauty of Rocky Mountain National Park. America’s 10th National Park features breathtaking mountain scenery, shimmering alpine lakes, waterfalls, wildlife, and some of the most iconic campsites in Colorado. With over 350 miles of trails throughout the park, there are opportunities to bag one of the 60+ 12,000’ or higher peaks, fly fish in remote lakes and streams, and explore some of the farthest reaches of Colorado’s most beloved wilderness. From the family-friendly routes and trails along the Tonahutu Creek in Big Meadows to the mega-challenge of a Boulder-Grand Pass traverse, we can customize any of our backpacking adventures to fit your skill level.

The joy of backpacking in Rocky Mountain National Park is the interconnectivity of the trails. An Mt. Alice ascent can turn into a full traverse across the park. An easier trail like Big Meadows can be made more difficult by crossing over to North Inlet, and with the ability to add a number of activities such as fly fishing, guests can explore the Park in new ways. Come explore the wonders of Rocky Mountain National Park with a guided Rocky Mountain backpacking trip!

Sandbeach Lake

Experience a taste of the tropics high in the Rockies! Like its namesake suggests, Sandbeach Lake boasts a stretch of white sand wrapping around a stunning alpine lake, making it a perfect summer destination. The lake sits in the shadow of Long’s Peak surrounded by lush evergreen forests and National Park land. This area also holds historic significance, as it was where the famous geologist John Wesley Powell camped on his way to the first successful ascent of Long’s Peak in 1868. At only 4.2 miles from the trailhead to the lake, this is a great trip for beginners and families. more information


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East Inlet Fishing

With three different lakes and a connecting stream teeming with trout, this trek is a fly fisherman’s paradise. Because of its location on the less visited western side of Rocky Mountain National Park, you’re likely to have your pick of fishing spots with little to no competition on this trip. This trail winds past some great small stream fishing in beautiful meadows and dense forests, and up to one of the largest fishable lakes in the Park, Lake Verna. Whether you prefer casting into a stream or an alpine lake, this trip is perfect for anglers of any skill level. more information

East Inlet Hiking

Located on the less crowded western side of Rocky Mountain National Park, this trip will take you to parts of the park few get to see. The hike winds through stunning wildflower speckled alpine meadows, evergreen forests, and snow-capped peaks. Because this area is less trafficked than other parts of the Park, it is teeming with a variety of wildlife including moose, elk, and black bears. This trail also boasts three stunning alpine lakes, Lone Pine Lake, Lake Verna, and Spirit Lake. For those feeling a little more adventurous, this area is also a great location for an off-trail peak ascent. more information

Ouzel Lake 

This hike takes you past stunning waterfalls, babbling streams, alpine lakes, and awe-inspiring overlooks. With its abundance of water, the Ouzel Lake trip is ideal for anglers looking to land some high elevation trout. While the stream that runs alongside the trail offers plenty of great options for fishing, the real star of this trek is Ouzel Lake. The lake is one of the best destinations in the park for greenback cutthroat trout, set against a beautiful alpine backdrop. After fishing to your heart’s content, kick back and relax at one of the most secluded campsites in the Park, Upper Ouzel Creek. more information

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Wild Basin 

A true gem of Rocky Mountain National Park, Wild Basin trailhead offers you a great experience. Along this path, you will be able to see winding streams, crystal lakes (Ouzel Lake and Thunder Lake), remote peaks, stunning wildflowers, and three waterfalls within three miles (Copeland Falls, Calypso Cascades, and Ouzel Falls). This trail offers a more private experience at Rocky Mountain National Park as it is remote and less trafficked, which allows for more wildlife spottings! Don’t miss out on the beautiful views and the pristine hiking and fishing that this trail offers. more information



Great Additional to any of our backpacking Trips:

  1. Full-Day Whitewater Rafting on the Upper Colorado.  (Our #1 add-on to our backpacking trips)
  2. Wade or Float Fly Fishing on the Upper Colorado River,  a  Colorado blue-ribbon trout fishery.
  3. Rock Climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park (Single or Multi-pitch). From Lumpy Ridge to famed Petit Grepon or Sharkstooth to learning new climbing skills.
  4. Rock Climb in Colorado’s most iconic areas: Eldorado Canyon State or Boulder’s Flatirons.
  5. Mountain Biking Boulder. Half or Full day beginner to intermediate rides or combine a riding skills lesson at the famed Boulder Bike Park followed by an afternoon riding single/double tracks of Boulder Sandstones classics.

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