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A Proposition to Reintroduce Wolves to Colorado Has Passed: How it came to be and what it means for the state’s future

Mar 7, 2021

On November 9th after an extremely close vote, Colorado passed a bill requiring Parks and Wildlife to create a plan to reintroduce grey wolves to their once native habitat of Colorado’s mountains. With the chaos of this recent election, a […]

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backcountry skier

Anatomy of an Upslope Snowstorm

Mar 7, 2021

Anyone who has experienced winter on the northern Front Range knows that when the smell of cow manure suddenly permeates the air seemingly out of nowhere, heavy snow will start falling within the next 12 hours. As a widely accepted […]

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DIA Lightning Storm

Wilderness Skills: Reading Weather

Mar 7, 2021

Anyone who recreates outdoors in Colorado knows how important monitoring the weather can be. Since weather here can change on a dime, it’s important to understand what indicates it’s time to get off the mountain. Unstable vs Stable In order […]

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