Peak: Hidden Continental Divide Trail (Long Day)

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This hiking experience is done by very few and is one the great wilderness ‘gems’ in Rocky Mountain National Park.

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So you want to conquer a hike that isn’t on everyone else’s weekend to-do list? Welcome to the Hidden Continental Divide Trail, a 17-mile one way gem nestled in the heart of the Rockies. The route begins on the Continental Divide and heads south along the crest and seldom visited peaks in the heart of the Rocky Mountain National Park. This hiking experience is done by very few and is one the great wilderness ‘gems’ in Rocky Mountain National Park. Doing a trip like this without support and a shuttle vehicle would make this high altitude hike almost impossible in a day’s time.


Trip Details

Itinerary: The one-way test piece nets seven peaks in 17 miles with 4800 feet of gain and 5800 feet of loss. Depending upon weather we may try to add 2-5 peaks and another 2 miles. This route is mostly class 2 (off trail hiking) with a little class 3 (need hands for balance) for an amazing experience. The Hidden Continental Divide Trail trip is limited to 8 participants due to environmental impact and exposure of the route above treeline.

Included in our rates: The services of a professional climbing or hiking guide, round-trip transportation from Boulder or Estes Park co to the trailhead, car shuttle, snacks, breakfast and lunch, water, education about local and natural history, including library for Rocky Mountain flora and fauna, group CB, group medical kit, personal gear (headlamp, poles, and if needed warm mitts), and contingency and emergency support.

Not included in our rates: Gratuities for your guide (while the amount is at your discretion, the recommended gratuity is 20%).

Special Notes:  Best Colorado hiking near Estes Park Colorado for hiking holidays. Combine this Long Peak hike or as an adventure vacation, mountain hiking adventure tour, adventure travel tour hotel package in Boulder, Denver hiking day trip, or multi-day hiking vacation.  Colorado’s best hiking guides will show off Rocky Mountain National Park hikes for an unforgettable hiking trip / hiking trips. Join us for a once in a lifetime climbing ascent (Colorado tour or guided Colorado tours) with Colorado’s best outdoor adventure guides.

Difficulty Description: The Hidden Continental Divide Trail is Very Difficult: Long and rugged route in extremely remote areas. Suitable only for experienced hikers in top physical condition. Class 2: More difficult hiking that may be off-trail. You may also have to put your hands down occasionally to keep your balance.  May include easy snow climbs or hiking on talus/scree. Class 3: Scrambling or un-roped climbing. You must use your hands most of the time to hold the terrain or find your route.  This may be caused by a combination of steepness and extreme terrain (large rocks or steep snow). Some Class 3 routes are better done with rope.

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