Rock Climbing Development Series – Level 1 Course


Important: Pricing is based on a four-person minimum. If the course has less than four people, we have pricing options available to run it with less than four people. Please inquire at (720) 242-9828.

The Rock Climbing Development Series – Level 1 is a five-day program that covers all the essential aspects of rock climbing, providing expert instruction and guidance to help you learn to be a climber and start your climbing journey.


The Rock Climbing Development Series – Level 1 Course is a comprehensive five-day program designed for individuals who want to learn the fundamental techniques, skills, and safety measures required to become proficient in rock climbing. Our course is perfect for beginners who have never climbed before.

Our experienced guides will introduce you to the sport of rock climbing and help you build a solid foundation in the necessary knowledge and skills. The course covers a range of topics including climbing equipment, safety, rope work, climbing techniques, movement, and climbing strategy. By the end of the course, participants will have gained the confidence, knowledge, and skills to climb safely and efficiently on a variety of rock types.

The course also includes an introduction to multi-pitch climbing, where you will learn to climb higher routes that require multiple anchors and belays. Our guides will select climbing areas and climbing routes based on the interests and abilities of participants. Potential climbing areas include Boulder Canyon, Eldorado Canyon, and The Flatirons.

Additional information

Trip Dates

May 15-19, June 5-9, July 10-14, Sept 18-22


  • Introduction to rock climbing and equipment
  • Learn and practice rock-climbing knots
  • Get comfortable belaying outside
  • Learn how anchors and climbing systems work
  • Equipment necessary to build top-rope anchors
  • Gain insight into how to assess site hazards
  • Natural protection and fixed anchors
  • Placing clean protection
  • Building a proper climbing anchor
  • Protecting yourself near the cliff edge
  • Improving footwork and movement efficiency
  • Learn to plan sequences and anticipate moves
  • Climb and practice different styles of rock climbing
  • Gets lots of climbing with expert instruction
  • Proper planning of a multi-pitch climb
  • Review of traditional rock protection and anchors
  • How the multi-pitch system works
  • Communication strategies for multi-pitch climbing
  • Rappeling considerations and techniques
  • Removing gear and racking protection
  • Climbing a multi-pitch route

Trip Details

Day 1:

Introduction to Rock: On the first day of the course, we will start by introducing you to the fundamentals of rock climbing. Our expert guides will show you how to manage a belay station and rappel safely. We will also practice basic rock-climbing knots and get you comfortable with belaying outside. We will cover the latest safe climbing techniques and practice them immediately. This hands-on approach will help you build confidence in your abilities and give you a solid foundation for the rest of the course. Additionally, we will explore how anchors and climbing systems work, so you can understand the importance of safety in rock climbing.

Day 2:

Top Rope Climbing Anchors: On the second day, we will build on the fundamentals of rock climbing and focus on top-rope climbing anchors. We will teach you how to set up and manage top-rope climbing anchors, edge security, and site management. You will gain a better understanding of the different types of anchors and their functions, and how to choose the right one for a particular climbing situation. By the end of the day, you will have the skills and knowledge necessary to set up and manage safe top-rope climbing systems.

Day 3:

Climbing Movement & Technique: On the third day, we will dive into climbing movement and technique. We will work on improving your footwork, learning how to plan sequences, and trying different styles of climbing such as face, crack, slab, overhang, and steep climbing. We will focus on body positioning and efficient movement, allowing you to climb with greater ease and control. By the end of the day, you will have developed a solid foundation in climbing technique and be ready to tackle more challenging climbs.

Day 4:

Multi-Pitch Rock Climbing: On the fourth day of the course, we will cover the essentials of multi-pitch rock climbing. You will learn how a multi-pitch system works and how to lead belay, follow traditional lead climbs, and get hands-on experience removing gear and racking protection. This day will provide you with the skills and confidence necessary to tackle multi-pitch climbs with ease.

Day 5:

Putting it All Together: On the final day of the course, we will bring everything you’ve learned together in a long multi-pitch rock climb on the iconic Flatirons. This climb will give you the opportunity to put your skills to the test, bringing together everything you’ve learned throughout the course for an unforgettable climbing experience. Our guides will be there to offer support and guidance, ensuring that you have a safe and enjoyable climb. By the end of the day, you will have gained valuable experience and confidence that will help you tackle any climb in the future.

Included in our rates: The services of a professional rock climbing guide, any rock climbing equipment (helmet, harnesses, shoes, belay devices).

Not included in our rates: Park entrance fees, which are $10 per person daily for Eldorado Canyon State Park and $15 per person daily for Rocky Mountain National Park. Entrance fees are paid directly to the Parks upon entrance, gratuities for your guide are also not included (while the amount is at your discretion, the recommended gratuity is 20%).

Difficulty Description: Easy to Difficult

What to Bring: Sent with trip confirmation

Meeting Location: Meet at climbing location or at Trailhead


No experience required.


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