Ziplining and Rafting

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NOTE: Our Clear Creek Rafting trips are closed for the 2021 summer season.  If you still wish to go rafting with us please look at our Upper Colorado River Trips which run throughout the summer and well into the fall. 


*1st Trip - May 21st
Zip-line & Beginner Rafting: $195.00 per person
Zip-line & Intermediate Rafting: $205.00 per person

Description: What a great way to discover what makes Colorado wonderful! An exciting 2-hour Zipline Adventure for part of the day, and a thrilling ride down Clear Creek Colorado whitewater rafting trip for the other half of the day. Just an hour away from Boulder and Denver, the whitewater of Clear Creek twists through relics of the gold mining age and through the historical town of Idaho Springs.

AND see Colorado in a way that very few others get to see, by soaring hundreds of feet in the air across forests, rivers, highways, and valleys, as you swiftly and safely zip across the canopy of Colorado’s landscape from one tower to the next on a 2-hour tour.

This is a great trip for families, groups, group tours, wedding groups, reunions, and individuals that want to experience zipline tours and Colorado whitewater rafting in one fun-filled day!  The minimum age for participants is seven years old for the beginner whitewater rafting and you can expect the zipline ride to last about 2 hours and the whitewater rafting tour to last approximately two and a half hours, depending on river flows.

Itinerary: The day begins with the Zipline Tour. The tour lasts a couple of hours and will include thrilling zips across the river and along the mountainside. Afterward, lunch is served at the facility, where you will be issued your wetsuit, helmet, and personal floatation device for your rafting trip. Once changed and ready to raft, you will meet your guide and get safety instructions, then prepare for the ride of your life!  The sections of the river offer up to 11 rapids, and historic gold mining ruins and waterwheels.

Included in our rates: The services of professional guides; zipline tour with all safety equipment; rafting trip; wetsuit, booties, and personal flotation device; lunch, and photo CD.

Not included in our rates: Snacks and water, and gratuities for your guides (while this is at your discretion, the recommended gratuity is 20%). Transportation.

Special Notes:  Zipline Tours: Requirements: minimum 48″ tall, and weigh between 65 and 250 lbs.


  • Full-day: Zip-line and Beginner Rafting: 09:30 am - 11:30 am zip-line, lunch, and 1:30 pm - approx. 4:00 pm beginner rafting. Note: In 2021, we are still evaluating about changing the rafting start time to 2 pm from 1:30 pm.
  • Full-day: Zip-line and Intermediate Rafting: 09:30 am - 11:30 am Zip-line, lunch  and 1:00 pm - approx. 4:00 pm intermediate rafting.

Special Notes:  Rafting: For safety, Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides includes a wetsuit and booties in our price. We firmly believe in your overall safety and comfort so, while some companies have wetsuits, booties, gloves, and splash-jackets as add-on options, we include them in our price. The wetsuit and the booties help to protect you from the icy cold mountain waters of Clear Creek and are included in our price.  However, we also believe it would be a shame not to capture a memory of your Colorado Whitewater Rafting adventure, so we also include a photo CD to remember your incredible day.

Difficulty Description for Whitewater Rafting:  CLASS II – Easy rapids with predictable waves, clear passages, and wide channels; some maneuvering is required. CLASS III – Moderately difficult rapids with irregular waves and some complex maneuvering required to avoid obstacles. During high water and high run-off years, there might be 1 or 2 class 4 rapids.

What to Bring: Sent with trip confirmation.


  • Zipline and beginner raft (with lunch, photo CD, and all gear): $190 per person.
  • Zipline and intermediate raft (with lunch, photo CD, and all gear): $200 per person.