Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides has a multitude of trip options for adventure seekers in Colorado. From a peaceful wildflower hike to an exciting whitewater rafting adventure on the Colorado River, there is something for everyone.

Have you heard the old saying “parents don’t have favorite kids” and thought that this statement was just not true? Well, the same applies to our guides and their favorite outdoor adventures. We all know who Mom’s favorite kid is, and we guides have a few trips which have won over our hearts. I’ve asked a few of the guides at CWRAG  to share those favorite trips with me, and what makes them so special. 

two people pausing to take some photos during their mountain hike

“My favorite is probably backpacking to Thunder Lake in late summer! The scenery looks straight out of a fairytale and it’s not as crowded as other parts of the park. Also, the hike from Thunder Lake to Lake of the Many Winds is gorgeous.”

Hayley Moser – Guide/Educator

close up of slanted rocks at the flatirons in Boulder, colorado

“I would say my favorite guiding day would be guiding the Third Flatiron on a weekday in September. Specifically, on a weekday to avoid the crowds since it’s a very popular climb and in September to enjoy it in cooler weather since it’s very hot in summer months. I like guiding it because it has amazing views of Boulder and the other Flatirons, quite comfortable belay ledges, and it’s a very large rock formation with great quality rock. On top of these things, the climbing grade is relatively easy, it has three adventurous rappels to get back on the ground, and it is one of the most iconic rock formations in Boulder. It truly makes for a very exciting and memorable day.”

Bernardo Beteta – Guide/Educator 

guide Jessica Bailey outside wearing a hat, pack and mittens

“One of my favorite trips to guide has to be snowshoeing in Rocky Mountain National Park in the winter. Rocky Mountain National Park is always stunning but wintertime with snow-capped peaks on a crisp, bluebird sky day is my absolute favorite. On a day that isn’t too windy, taking Fern Lake Trail from the Bear Lake Trailhead area up to Lake Helene makes for an absolutely stunning trip. This trip is 6.1 miles out and back, and leads to some beautiful alpine lakes surrounded by jagged peaks.”

-Jessica Bailey – Guide/Educator

eastes park meadow mountains

“I have guided most of my trips at CWRAG near Thunder Lake in the Wild Basin area of Rocky Mountain National Park. It truly feels like you are in middle-earth here. In the early summer, it is a sight to behold. With all the snowmelt, the streams and rivers babble and froth. You look up at the looming continental divide and feel as though you are walking where giants roam. One of the most technical terrains I have managed is in this area, summiting Mount Alice. At the top, you are rewarded by seeing the Grand Lake area spread out before you. Wild Basin is a place that all should get a chance to visit. I promise if you find yourself there in early summer it will be well worth it.”

Chris ‘Chip’ Mitchell – Guide/Educator

woman on a steep rock climb with a sunset mountain range in the background

“For me, climbing is just such an amazing, fun, and exciting challenge that gets me outside. It tests my friendships in a pretty cool way, proving to me whom I can trust, whom I get along with in certain scenarios, etc. Climbing is such a fun exploration for both my body and my mind while favoring the latter. I love how it’s a skill in which you are constantly learning. Climbing enables me to keep growing, discovering new things, and pushing boundaries. Climbing has impacted me in a massively positive way. It’s taught me many lessons, has enabled me to develop a certain mindset, and learn how to better approach the world. When things get hard, how will you respond? When you feel pain, how will you react? Climbing teaches you that pain isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It teaches you that you can either run from pain and seek comfort, or you face it head-on and surprise yourself with how tough you are. Climbing and life are both mental games. I believe this is why I enjoy climbing and guiding climbing so much. As far as location and season, Boulder Canyon in the fall has my heart. 

Hunter Warren – Guide/Educator

man standing on a rock casting his fly rod into beautiful blue water

“My favorite trip to guide thus far I would say is a two to three-day backpacking trip on the Thunder Lake Trail in Allenspark, Colorado. This out and back trail is moderately trafficked and a total of around 11 miles long. This subalpine basin contains beautiful vistas, wildlife, streams, and of course Thunder Lake. This particular trail is a perfect trip for recreational activities such as backpacking, camping, and fly fishing. The lake contains several types of trout including the native Cutthroat trout. All these attractions are the key reasons why I enjoy guiding in this particular area of Rocky Mountain National Park.”

Alex Howe – Guide/Educator 

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