Community Impact Events For Your Team

One of the best ways to engage with a community is to engage in an activity that helps to improve the lives of the people who live there. Community Impact Events are special because they are the catalyst for environmental and social change, from understanding the unique eco system between the community and it’s environment, building bikes for underprivileged children, or helping to build and maintain hiking and biking trails that we later get to enjoy for ourselves. Colorado Wilderness Corporate and Teams, a subsidiary of Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides provides corporate team building and leadership development, with a specialty in creating one of a kind community impact events that’ll bring people closer like never before and do good for the community.


Trail Building and Cleanup – Helping to Maintain Open Spaces and Trails  

Coloradans love their trails and open spaces, and need help to keep them up and maintained, from cleaning brush, debris, and waste carelessly thrown to the ground, to helping to do fire mitigation and assisting in keeping trails clear of potential environmental hazards. With trail building and cleanup programs, we’ll visit well-known trails in Boulder and Rocky Mountain National Park and work to keep them cleaned and maintained so they can be enjoyed by generations of Coloradans. Even better, after we’re done with our work, we’ll get the opportunity to enjoy the trail we just maintained, whether by biking, hiking, or climbing. We’ll also know that we gave a good gift back to the community.


Build a Bike Program – Learn Mechanical and Leadership Skills Building Bikes for Underprivileged Children.


One of the greatest tools to freedom that you could give a child is their very own bicycle, allowing them to travel, build fitness, and have fun. But for many, a bicycle is cost-prohibitive, even at its lowest price, and many children are deprived of a fundamental part of a childhood experience. Our Build a Bike Program takes a disassemble bicycle and groups, working together as a team, rely on each other to help put it together, each member focusing on a different aspect of the bike to build a fully functional piece that then we get to present to local children. This is an opportunity to build trust in each other and learn mechanical and leadership skills while giving to an underprivileged child in a meaningful way.


Learn About Colorado’s Fisheries – Understanding an Important Part of Colorado’s Ecology


Many don’t realize the vital role that fisheries play in Colorado’s ecology, from providing some of the best sport fly-fishing in the West to helping to maintain the vitality, cleanliness, and health of our rivers, lakes, and waterways. A tour through Colorado’s fisheries helps to understand the importance of trout and fisheries on Colorado’s delicate landscape. We’ll get to tour the facilities and learn about the different species, the programs that keep them sustainable, and the best practices to fish sustainably and support programs that promote good ethics on our rivers and waterways. We’ll then have the opportunity to get our hands dirty as we delve into the tanks and help keep them clean and functional, all while learning about the important role that fishery workers play in keeping these centers operational. This is a great way to learn about a part of Colorado that’s not well known but is an important part of the state’s ecological vitality. Join us for this fascinating day that your team will still be talking about for a long time.


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