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Joshua Baruch | Owner

Colorado Wilderness Rides and Guides is owned and operated by Joshua Baruch. Joshua has been working in the outdoor industry for 21 years, with experience in outdoor guiding, healthcare, mountain rescue, transportation, and safety. Joshua has a tremendous passion for exploring the outdoors, a desire to promote exploration in others, a strong sense of responsibility related to mountain safety, and an uncanny ability to find the best local places and experiences possible.


We love Colorado’s wilderness beauty and want to share it in a way that inspires others. By sharing our knowledge and expertise, we hope to open up to you the local wilderness gems. We believe you will have a richer, safer, and more enjoyable experience because of the knowledge you gain on mountain safety, environmental stewardship, and local mountain geography and history.

However, just because we love the mountains (and hope you do, too), we know the mountains don’t always love us. Your safety is our number one priority and everything we do is with safety in mind, from the vehicles we drive, to a regular assessment of the weather/road/trail conditions, to discussing appropriate daily objectives.

We want you to explore the mountains, travel safely, and have experiences that last a lifetime!

Mission Statement

Transforming Lives, Leaders, and Teams through Adventure!

Vision Statement

Fostering deeper personal connections to each other and nature, while bringing inspiration to every adventurer and adventurous team in the Colorado Region.

Our Company Values

Our Company is proud to conduct every aspect of our business under a set of values that we have all collectively adopted in order to be leaders in the field of wilderness adventures, leadership development and experiential team building.

Experiential Learning, Transformation, Self-Actualization

We recognize that every human being has an innate desire to self-actualize, and we strive to facilitate this transformation by providing continuous experiential learning opportunities for our clients and our staff.

Passionate Love of the Earth, Highest Standards of Environmental Stewardship, Leadership in Teaching and Sharing Best Practices

We all share a passionate love for nature, the wilderness, and the Earth, and we practice the highest standards of environmental stewardship.  We acknowledge a responsibility to teach and share these practices with our clients and our community.  We equate the environmental stewardship of our natural resources with the leadership qualities and professionalism we strive to continuously develop within ourselves as well as for our clients.

Integrity – It Speaks Proudly for Itself

We value true ethics and honesty, above all corporate or personal gain, and we will conduct ourselves and every aspect of our business with absolute integrity.

Reduce Risk, Maximize Safety, Ensure the Best Experience for Every Client

We will continue to study and practice the highest standards of risk management in our industry in order to reduce risk, maximize the safety of our clients and our guides, and ensure the best experience for our clients on every wilderness adventure.

Know our Clients’ Needs and Provide a Fulfilling, Personalized Experience

We understand that each individual’s and each group’s experience in nature is unique, and we strive to personalize every client’s adventure, to know and meet our clients’ needs, and to create the best, most fulfilling experience possible for every client.

Colorado Wilderness Rides & Guides wholeheartedly embraces the following values that we have collectively adopted in order to be leaders in the field of Wilderness Adventure, Leadership Development, and Team Building.

As a result of our beliefs and values, described above, we have created a one-stop-shop for wilderness guided tours and trips, team building activities, transportation, local outdoor exploration and information, safety training, event planning, and expert advice.



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"Outstanding with 6 Stars! I have a journey to hike all Fourteeners... Safety, education, background experience and pure integrity... This company has exactly what you need to get your Wilderness Adventure checked off your bucket list. This is and always will be my guide when I have a tricky fourteener I need educated on. No need to call anyone else. This is your place."






Whether joining for a day of climbing, a four day expedition into remote wilderness, or any adventure in between, you will walk away with a positive experience. Our adventures are designed to share the outdoors in a magical, restorative, and stunning way.


We hold guides to high standards, requiring years of development beyond state licensing. Each guide brings unique personality & expertise, having deep knowledge & passion for the wild outdoors. Your safety is always our number one priority.


We are a green business, and a carbon-neutral company. We believe in responsible outdoor recreation and minimizing our impact on the environment.